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    What people say about Career Leverage's Coaching Services:

         "Nancy Friedberg is the secret to my success."

    -Vice President, Executive Development, Investment Banking Sector

         "When I was negotiating my current position, Nancy helped me achieve a 45% increase for my new role. Nancy also coached me on how to navigate the politics of my new environment, and on the process of crafting my mid-year and year-end performance appraisals. As a result of her coaching, my year end rating was higher than in previous years. Higher ratings translate into a greater bonus and increase. I have tremendous appreciation and gratitude to Nancy Friedberg for all she has done for me and all of her help. Her services have proven invaluable. The advice, services and resources Nancy Friedberg provides has been, to me, worth every penny and more."

    -Human Resource/Benefits Manager, Consumer Products Sector

         "Nancy's coaching style is strategic, action-oriented, and goal-directed. Therefore, she partners best with those who are self-motivated and accountable for their own results."

    -Portfolio Manager, Investment Management, Financial Services Sector

         "I began seeing Nancy as I interviewed during my last job search, and thanks to her, I attained my current position on favorable terms in record time. Now, more than two years later, I still see Nancy periodically to enhance my strategic planning and time management skills. After leaving her office this morning, I feel rejuvenated. In a word, Nancy is unparalleled in the coaching world and I consider her involvement in my career development a necessity."

    -Senior Marketing Manager, National Banking & Finance Practice, Consulting Sector

         "Nancy is very disciplined and focused in her coaching. She always makes me commit to next steps and taking action. She always gives me direct feedback about situations that are difficult to confront. She has taught me to effectively deal with these issues in a diplomatic and supportive way."

    -Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Sales, Entertainment Sector

         "Your support and encouragement has been a blessing! Thanks so much, I couldn't have landed the job without you!"

    -Designer/Merchandiser, Retail Sector

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