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    Is Career Coaching What You Need?

    Career coaching issues generally fall under two categories: Career Transition or Career Management.

    1) Career Transition Coaching

    Individuals seek Career Transition coaching as a result of job loss, to make a career change, and to facilitate the job search process or the establishment of a new business.

    Following are some examples of typical Career Transition issues:

      "I'm so confused."
      "I'm questioning whether I made the right career choice. I feel very unfulfilled in my current position. I don't know where to begin."
      "I've just been laid off and haven't searched for a job in a few years. I'm not sure how to position myself in the marketplace now. I've heard the rules of the game have changed and I don't know what they are."
      "Since there is no real job security anymore maybe I should start my own business. I need help assessing if I have what it takes and the knowledge to get me started on the right track'."

    2) Career Management Coaching

    Career Management coaching is for individuals who are employed and want to be more effective in their current job, want to position themselves for career advancement or are seeking to create a career that is more in balance with the rest of their life.

      Following are some examples of typical Career Coaching issues:
      "I can't stand my boss, but if I don't learn how to manage him I'll never get ahead. Maybe I should just leave this job all together."
      "I'm overworked and underpaid - I never seem to be able to negotiate the salary or raise I think I'm worth and I don't know how to go about it. I'm not even sure what my value is in the marketplace."
      "I've got the technical skills I need to do my job, but I need to be a more effective leader and manager."
      "I'm planning to take maternity leave after I have my baby, but I'm afraid when I return to work I won't be able to balance work and family life. What I'd really like is to set up a flexible work schedule with my employer but I don't know what approach to take."

      These are a just a few of the issues that have been successfully resolved through Career Coaching.

    » Career Transition Services

    Phase 1 - Assessment, Research and Job/Industry Targeting

    During the assessment and research phase, the individual receives coaching and feedback to accurately reflect his or her financial and psychological needs, values, and strengths and focus on the type of environment in which they will be most effective. Using the latest methodology for successfully facilitating new directions, the individual actively participates in the completion of the "Now What?" Program.

    This program enables the individual to define his or her life purpose through discovering his or her life blueprint. The 12 week program is divided into two parts. Part one helps the individual name what "IT" is by eliminating energy drains, removing blocks to clarity, defining limiting beliefs, clarifying values, developing new job targets for work and a new direction for the individual's life. Part two helps the individual in figuring out how to get there by dealing with money issues, learning how to access intuition and life's synchronicity, creating a support team and finally a one year plan for executing the new vision. The work in Phase 1 forms the foundation for Phase 2.

    The assessment is also used to more accurately identify suitable job and industry targets, which the client will then research and evaluate. Once the client makes a decision about which job targets and industry to pursue, a roadmap will be created for launching the next steps of a traditional job search or the establishment of a consulting practice or business.

    This program is perfect for anyone employed, but less-than-satisfied, anyone thinking of doing something entirely new, anyone re-entering the work world, or someone rebuilding their life after a major loss or any other transition.

    This stage takes 12 sessions.

    Phase 2 - Market Positioning, Networking, and Interviewing Strategy

    Having well developed marketing materials is critical for properly positioning oneself in the marketplace. Nancy has successfully helped individuals completely overhaul their marketing materials including resumes, bios or brochures, letters etc. to cast them in the proper light depending upon the selected new targets. This includes repositioning such issues as length and level of experience, changing careers and transferring industries. After completion of the written materials, Nancy coaches individuals to effectively market their background with greater focus, confidence, power and impact. Nancy works closely with individuals coaching them to properly maximize networking meetings and conduct effective interviews. This includes helping clients develop a two-minute pitch, preparing answers to difficult questions and developing a list of top skills along with success stories that they sell in the interview. Practice role-plays are used to help the client master these skills. Nancy is also certified in the behavioral interview method and coaches clients on this methodology.

    This stage may take 4 to 8 sessions depending on the individual's circumstance.

    Phase 3 - Negotiation and Closing the Deal

    Too often people don't get paid what they are worth either because they are not skilled in negotiation or they aren't knowledgeable about their real value in the marketplace. Sometimes it's simply a matter of fear. In other situations, money may not be the real issue. Perhaps the person desires a more flexible lifestyle, work arrangement or perks. Whatever the case may be, Nancy will work with the individual to devise a plan for negotiating the desired results. She has had great success with helping under-earners gain sizable increases and individuals in transition successfully make career changes.

    This stage usually takes 1 to 2 sessions.

    » Career Management Services

    It is typical over the course of one's career to experience some type of frustration or problem on the job such as lack of advancement, compensation, or managing a tough boss. Others challenges may arise from an individual's personal effectiveness, stress, burnout, or poor performance. These issues can result in low ratings and increases, or possibly derailment leading to separation from the company. These issues are developmental in nature and can be overcome with appropriate skill based coaching strategies. Nancy works closely with each individual, to facilitate effectiveness with his or her current employer and improve prospects for future growth.

    For those individuals that originally worked with Nancy on career transition issues, many have found it valuable, once having secured a new position, to continue with Nancy's career management services.

    There are several advantages of receiving career management coaching from an external source. A person can share freely in a safe, confidential environment without having to be concerned about ruining their image, their relationship with their boss or have the information go on record with their employer's Human Resources Department. Individuals can also benefit from having an objective, neutral third party act as a sounding board. Coaching includes the design of effective strategies for a variety of on the job performance issues. Nancy Friedberg has had great success in serving in this capacity served for hundreds of individuals.

    Career management services are provided for a myriad of topics such as:

    • Relationship Management/Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Managing Constructive Politics at Work
    • Obtaining a Raise and a Promotion
    • Performance Improvement
    • Establishing a Development/Continuous Learning Plan
    • Building Strategic Alliances
    • Negotiation Techniques
    • Balancing Work and Personal Life
    • Finding and Working with a Mentor

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