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    Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

    Nancy Friedberg President of Career Leverage shares her philosophy on:


    "My view of Leadership Development is based on the fundamental belief that there is a critical competency that the most outstanding leaders possess and that distinguishes them from others. Those Leaders possessing great self-awareness and the capacity to continually be engaged in the process of fine-tuning their emotional intelligence have repeatedly performed as the best Leaders. Strategic and cognitive abilities, as well as technical competence, are a given. Without these competencies, managers will not even be considered for leadership opportunities. Leadership Development, as it relates to Executive Coaching, is about helping Leaders expand their repertoire of skills, so that they can inspire and mobilize a diverse set of individuals and teams toward the vision and goals of the organization. Those leaders that exhibit adaptability and sensitivity to the range of needs and individual differences in their organizations consistently achieve optimum performance results."


    Executive Coaching, as an intervention, has proven to be rewarding and effective time and again because of its relevance and practical application to the executive's current position. It also encompasses the challenges inherent in the executive's role given the context and culture of the organization. Executive coaching is all about: (1) creating greater self-awareness for the client, (2) helping the individual understand how their behavior impacts on the performance of others, and then (3) coaching that individual to modify those behaviors. Research, conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, indicates that the best learning for Executives result from their "lessons of experience" and that 99% of development takes place on the job. The Career Leverage approach combines skillfully guided "real time" discussions between the client and Coach, with a customized plan that integrates action-oriented development opportunities. This is why the Executive Coaching experience has proven successful and sustainable over time.

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